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2014 Big Game Season Dates


Elk only (limited)
Oct 11 15

Elk/Deer combo (limited for deer)
Oct 18 22

Elk/Deer combo (limited for deer)
Nov 1 Nov 5

Elk/Deer (limited)
Nov 12 16

Antelope (limited)
Oct 4 10

Plains Deer (limited)
Oct 25 Nov 4

Late Plains Deer (limited)
Dec 1 14

Texas Hill Country Whitetail
Nov Jan

Black Bear (limited)
Sept 2 - 30

Black Bear
(unlimited with concurrent deer and/or elk license)


Elk/Deer (limited)
Sept 13 21

Antelope (limited)
Oct 21 29


Elk/Deer (limited for deer)
Aug 30 Sept 28

Year Round


Current price list





Mule/Whitetail Deer

Late Plains Deer

Deer / Elk


Deer / Elk


Texas Hill Country Whitetail Deer

$3500 - $6500

Cow Elk

Yearling Buffalo

Private Reserve Elk
$5500 - $6500

Private Reserve Whitetail (140-160')

Drop Camps
$2500 - $3000

Deer & Antelope Vouchers
$600 - $1000

Non-hunter rate (per day)
$ 100

Prices do not include license fees, meat processing, taxidermy or gratuities. Non-resident license fees are $604.00 for elk; $361.00 for deer and $361.00 for antelope.

If you were born after January 1, 1949, you need a hunter safety card to hunt in Colorado. br>
Application deadline for limited licenses is April 1, 2014.

2014 marks 46 years in the hunting business for Little Creek Ranch.

Elk -- Antelope -- Mule / Whitetail Deer -- Buffalo

hunt elk in coloradoIt's going on 46 years in the hunting and ranching business at Little Creek Ranch in Collbran, CO. Each year, our old clients return and new clients arrive for their first of many hunts at Little Creek Ranch. It's like a big family hunting together. We have great hunting leases, but they are getting harder to find as ranches change hands wildlife management practices differ. It appears that the Mule deer have really come back strong, the elk herd increases each year and our pronghorn hunting is fabulous. We only had a handful of buffalo clients this past season, but we specialize in bulls 10 years old and up; the dinosaurs that have been kicked out of the herd. As 2013 came to an end our success was excellent and our camps were filled with new and old friends. We will gladly supply references to anyone who requests them. We are proud of our reputation.

Alan & Travis Baier

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Elk -- Antelope -- Mule / Whitetail Deer -- Buffalo

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