2015 marks 47 years in the hunting business for Little Creek Ranch.

homeimage1It’s going on 47 years in the hunting and ranching business at Little Creek Ranch in Collbran, CO. Each year, our old clients return and new clients arrive for their first of many hunts at Little Creek Ranch. It’s like a big family hunting together. We have great hunting leases, but they are getting harder to find as ranches change hands wildlife management practices differ. It appears that the Mule deer are coming back strong, the elk herd increases each year and our pronghorn hunting is fabulous. We only had a handful of buffalo clients this past season, but we specialize in bulls 10 years old and up; the dinosaurs that have been kicked out of the herd. As 2014 came to an end our success was good and our camps were filled with new and old friends. We will gladly supply references to anyone who requests them. We are proud of our reputation.

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Hunting has been my passion for better than 50 years.

homeimage2While I’ve hunted my entire life and traveled to 15 foreign countries in search of trophy animals, I still believe the best hunting is right here in Colorado.
Experience and integrity are what makes us different from the others.

Travis and I are in the outfitting business because we enjoy our clients and the outfitting business. It takes a lot of work to run a successful camp, but there is nothing else we’d rather be doing.

Fourteen years ago, I turned the outfitting business over to Travis; he’s now at the young age of 44. After he graduated from Western State College in Gunnison, Colorado, he came to work for the ranch. In 1989, we launched our summer business, Rimrock Adventures, near Grand Junction, Colorado. Rimrock outfits rafting adventures on the Colorado River and horseback riding trips into the beautiful, red rock canyons of western Colorado. We are full-time outfitters. Our livelihood depends on outfitting- whether it be taking clients on a hunt in the mountains or riding the rapids through the canyons of western Colorado.

Life is short, so take your son / daughter hunting. Come on out to our great country and enjoy the outdoors. Memories and pictures of your adventures will stay with you until the end. Just remember, the worst day of hunting is better than the best day at work. Hope you can come with us in 2015 – you won’t be disappointed.

Alan and Travis Baier
Your Hosts at Little Creek Ranch

Little Creek Ranch offers:

Colorado Big Game Hunting: ElkAntelopeMule DeerBuffaloWhitetail Deer

Colorado Exotic Game Hunting: Corsican Ram – Texas Dall Ram Black Hawaiian Ram – Mouflon Ram – Painted Desert Ram – Merino Ram – Ibex Goat – Catalina Goat – Spanish Goat – White Fallow Deer – Chocolate Fallow Deer – Spotted Fallow Deer
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